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Giddikippa build database solutions

We can design, implement and maintain robust databases for all your storage requirements. This may be storage for an application or simply used as a platform for any management reporting you may need. All flavours of major database systems are supported.

Giddikippa build website solutions

From brochure websites through to full e-commerce solutions, we can design and build a distinctive web presence for your business that utilises latest web technologies and works on all modern devices.

Giddikippa build application solutions

Whether your requirement is a desktop or web application, we will build the bespoke software that meets your specification allowing you to improve your business performance and gain the competitive edge.

Giddikippa build interfacing solutions

If you have existing systems that need to talk to each other, we can help implement a robust, stable method of allowing such systems to communicate thereby sharing data and increasing efficiency.

Giddikippa build reporting solutions

To get the most out of the data you already collect you need intelligent reports that allow you to draw informed conclusions from your analysis. We can help build those reports for you which, in turn, will help you make better business decisions.

Giddikippa build data-warehouse solutions

If you need to apply business intelligence to your data you will want to start from a solid data-warehouse foundation. We can help design, build and implement your data-warehouse to accommodate any such complex data analysis and reporting you may need.

Giddikippa build software solutions

We help you turn your requirements, however simple or complex, into a product that enables you to do your job. That product could be a website, an application, a database, a report or any combination. Select an icon above to find out more.

We'll create the design

Let us handle turning your requirements into an actual design whether it's for a website, application, database or report.

We'll write the code

From a design, we can make your requirements into a reality by using relevant technologies and writing all the necessary code.

We'll build the reports

We will build the data storage that will handle your data requirements and allow you to produce the reports you need.


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